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Molar extractions and wisdom teeth removal are advanced oral surgery procedures that require expert providers and high-tech equipment. Cromer & Cairns Dental in Vero Beach, Florida, is proud to offer both. Experienced dentist Julie Cromer, DDS, uses the latest CT scan technology to pre-plan oral surgery for smooth procedures with optimal results. Click the online scheduling tool or call the office today to book an appointment.

Oral Surgery Q&A

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What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is the branch of dentistry focused on the use of surgical techniques to improve the health, function, and sometimes the appearance of your teeth or other components of your mouth. Oral surgery includes such procedures as wisdom teeth removal and molar extraction.

All oral surgeries are pre-planned using CT scan technology. These advanced scans give Dr. Cromer a highly detailed picture of your mouth structures, which allows for utmost precision and optimal results.

The expert team at Cromer & Cairns Dental takes the conservative approach whenever possible. They believe in doing only the surgery that's needed to enhance your oral health.

When do I need wisdom teeth removal or molar extractions?

If your wisdom teeth are growing in at the wrong angle, it puts pressure on your molars and eventually all of your other teeth as well. Over time, this can cause alignment problems, pain, and even tooth loss due to root damage.

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, they're buried in your gums or trapped in your jawbone. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain and teeth crowding. In both cases, Dr. Cromer may advise wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth are the molars at the very back of your mouth, and they often need to be extracted. But, you may sometimes need other molar extractions, especially if you have a crowded mouth or if your molars are damaging your other teeth.

How do you prepare for wisdom teeth extractions?

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common dental extraction procedures the team performs at Cromer and Cairns Dental. There are several tips the team suggests for a seamless procedure:

  • Ask questions to alleviate your anxiety
  • Examine your insurance plan to avoid surprises
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Arrange a ride
  • Fast the night before the procedure because anesthesia makes many patients nauseous

Wisdom tooth extraction usually takes about an hour and a half. Some bleeding, bruising, or discomfort is to be expected after oral surgery. As long as you follow the post-op instructions, you should recover quickly. There will be a list of foods and liquids to avoid, as well as instructions regarding caring for your stitches.

The dentists at Cromer & Cairns Dental have performed countless other tooth extractions, and they always take the necessary steps to make these procedures as safe as possible for patients. 

To schedule your extraction consultation, call Cromer & Cairns Dental or book an appointment online today.