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Cromer and Cairns Dental Offers Dental Extractions

At Cromer and Cairns Dental, we are committed to providing excellent preventive care for your teeth and doing everything we can to repair damaged teeth. But sometimes teeth are too damaged or decayed for repair. In that event, tooth extractions in our Vero Beach, FL office become necessary. Tooth extraction consists of removing the entire tooth from its socket, often later replacing it with a dental implantdental bridge, or denture. Our dentists, Dr. Julie Cromer and Dr. John Cairns, are both highly experienced in providing comfortable and prompt dental extractions with the option to use anesthesia to numb any pain or discomfort during the procedure. When you need a dental extraction, you can rest assured you are in skilled, capable hands with our Vero Beach dentists.

When Is a Tooth Extraction Absolutely Necessary?

Significant tooth decay or damage is one of the most common reasons for tooth extraction. Our Vero Beach dentists always work to repair damaged, broken, or decayed teeth with dental fillings, crowns, or other solutions before resorting to tooth extraction. However, sometimes the damage is too significant to be repaired and would cause further oral health problems if the tooth were left in place. In addition to damage and decay, tooth extractions are sometimes necessary for overcrowding reasons.

If you have extra teeth that are blocking other teeth from coming in, have too many teeth in your mouth as you work to align teeth with braces, or are dealing with your wisdom teeth erupting, you may need to have a tooth extraction. Our dentists always complete a thorough examination of your teeth and a dental x-ray to evaluate the position of your teeth to determine whether there are signs of further problems. We will discuss with you the entire procedure and healing process ahead of time, so you have all your questions answered before the day of the dental extraction. We will also discuss your available options for tooth replacement, which may include dental bridges, implants, or full or partial dentures.

How to Prepare for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common dental extraction procedures we perform at Cromer and Cairns Dental. Your wisdom teeth, or third molars, typically do not come in until your late teens or early twenties. In most cases, they need to be removed to avoid overcrowding issues. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your wisdom teeth removal procedure at our Vero Beach dental office:

  • Ask Questions – Anxiety is normal when you do not know what to expect. Therefore, we recommend asking as many questions as it takes to make you feel more comfortable about the procedure. Whatever you want to know, we promise to be as transparent as possible.
  • Examine Your Insurance Plan – Checking with your dental insurance provider before the procedure is essential to alleviating any concerns you have about paying for the surgery. Our office works closely with insurance providers and is available to answer any financing questions.
  • Get Plenty of Rest – A well-rested patient is more likely to feel relaxed before the procedure and recover more quickly afterward.
  • Arrange a Ride – Because anesthesia is used to render you unconscious during the procedure, it will be necessary for you to arrange a ride home for your safety.
  • Fasting – Fasting is recommended the night before the procedure because anesthesia makes many patients nauseous. There may be specific prescriptions and over-the-counter medications you should avoid the day before your surgery. Be sure to follow our instructions carefully to make the procedure as worry-free as possible.
  • Bleeding/Discomfort– Some bleeding, bruising, or discomfort is to be expected after oral surgery. As long as you follow our post-op instructions, you should recover quickly. There will be a list of foods and liquids to avoid, as well as instructions regarding caring for your stitches.
  • Keep Calm– While this is often easier said than done when visiting the dentist or preparing for surgery, know that we have your best interests at heart. Our Vero Beach dentists have performed countless other tooth extractions, and we always take the necessary steps to make these procedures as safe as possible for our patients.

Need a Dental Extraction in Vero Beach, FL?

Need a dental extraction in Vero Beach, FL? Call Cromer and Cairns Dental today at (772)562-5051 to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We always do our best to accommodate patients requiring emergency tooth removal. However, if you cannot wait to be seen in our dental office due to a dental emergency, we recommend visiting your nearest hospital emergency room. Remember, the more quickly you react to dental emergencies, the less likely it is that you will need a tooth extraction.

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