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We Can Help You Whiten Your Smile

Everyone wants and deserves a beautiful smile. It can boost your confidence and express your warm, inviting personality to friends, colleagues, and strangers. The team of professionals at Cromer & Cairns Dental in Vero Beach, FL wants to help make a bright, white smile a reality for you. If you are hesitant to flash your teeth in public because of stains or discoloration, have no fear. We offer a variety of teeth whitening treatments to restore your teeth to their natural glimmer. Among our most popular options is the Philips Zoom take-home whitening solution. Our experts will help you understand how to use these products, their myriad benefits, and more. You do not even have to make a special appointment. We can discuss all of your options during a routine dentistry appointment. Our patients have grown to trust our comprehensive services over the last four decades, and this is yet another specialty of which you can take advantage. Call us today to learn more.

Understanding Our Teeth Whitening Option

Healthy teeth ought to be strong and functional, but you want them to be aesthetically pleasing too. Years of drinking coffee and red wine or smoking, among other habits, can cause them to yellow. If yellow teeth cause you shame or make you reluctant to smile in public, visit Cromer & Cairns Dental. We can remove your teeth stains and discoloration with an array of teeth whitening solutions in Vero Beach, FL. Our patients trust us to restore the natural, white color to their teeth using a combination of in-office and at-home treatments. Our solutions will not only address the stains on your teeth’s surfaces but also those deep within your enamel.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

The reason most people opt for teeth whitening services at Cromer & Cairns Dental is obvious. They want to improve their appearance by removing stains from their teeth. Yellow teeth can cause people to avoid social interactions, become hesitant to speak in public, and have a negative self-perception. But we can allay those fears and anxieties with professional teeth whitening in Vero Beach, FL. Among the benefits of teeth whitening are:

• Increased Self-Confidence – Whether you are at work, on a date, or out with friends, a whiter smile will allow you to smile confidently and freely.

• Enhanced Appearance – You will instantly notice the difference white teeth can make in your appearance. Never again will you filter or edit your photos because of the color of your teeth.

• Minimized Look of Wrinkles – Whiter teeth have been shown to attract others’ attention more than wrinkles. Whitening your teeth can minimize the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and frown lines.

• Inexpensive – The Philips Zoom take-home whitening products are inexpensive. You will not have to break the bank to reap the benefits of a brighter smile.

We Offer Philips Zoom Take-Home Whitening Products

Our most popular teeth whitening solutions are Philips Zoom take-home whitening products. They work by using a peroxide bleach that safely releases oxygen molecules to break down stains and discolorations. As the oxygen molecules spread, they disperse the discolored molecules and whiten your teeth’s surface by up to eight shades. During a consultation at our office in Vero Beach, FL, we will discuss your options. Philips Zoom offers two styles of products:

• DayWhite – This solution allows you to whiten your teeth during the day as you go about your normal activities. You will need to wear whitening trays for half an hour each day for two weeks to achieve optimal results.

• NiteWhite – If you do not or cannot wear whitening trays on your teeth during the day, opt for the overnight options. You will realize noticeable results within two weeks by allowing the peroxide solution to work overnight. Wear your trays for two to four hours or the duration of your sleep cycle.

How to Use Philips Zoom Take-Home Whitening Products

The Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite treatments are applied the same way. Their main differences are when and how long you wear teeth whitening trays. If you choose daytime treatments, you will be able to go about your regular business but speaking may be difficult while you are wearing them. If you wear whitening trays overnight, you will be able to remove them as soon as your alarm sounds in the morning. To use these products, you must first brush your teeth to remove plaque. The next steps are:

• Put a teardrop-sized number of teeth whitening gel in each impression in your trays

• Gently place the trays on your teeth

• After the recommended duration, remove your trays and rinse them with cold water

• Brush your teeth

Contact Cromer & Cairns Dental to Whiten Your Teeth Today

If you are embarrassed by yellow teeth, do not fret. You may be only two weeks away from the bright, white smile you desire. Cromer & Cairns Dental can help you achieve it. Visit our clinic in Vero Beach, FL to learn more about Philips Zoom take-home teeth whitening products. These proven solutions use a formula that will improve your teeth’s luster while also protecting enamel and reducing sensitivity. You will be able to smile proudly and confidently again in no time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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