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At Cromer and Cairns Dental, we provide an extensive array of dental services that are all focused on your well-being and comfort. Our exceptional dental services are provided to our Vero Beach friends and neighbours to help bring the area healthier mouths and brighter smiles. We are committed to helping you develop better oral hygiene by fostering preventative dental practices like brushing, flossing, and regular cleanings. We also provide aid for more serious dental situations like implants, bridges, and tooth extractions. Whatever dental situation you’re facing, you can be sure that Cromer and Cairns Dental can bring you comfort and quick relief. With decades of experience and state-of-the-art dental technology, we are able to provide expert services for a number of situations. Continue reading below to discover the many services we provide, along with links to their respective pages.


If you have a large gap from a missing or damaged tooth, you may require dental bridges. These bridges are fused to the surrounding tooth to provide for an even chewing surface. Dental bridges will restore your bite and keep your jaw from becoming misaligned.

Composite bonding

When you have cracked or damaged teeth, composite bonding is a great way to restore strength. Colored to match the shade of your teeth, composite bonding gives a very natural look.


Whether you’re missing one or several teeth, dentures will help fill your smile. With dentures, you can restore your ability to chew and bring balance back to your jaw bones.

Dental fillings

To protect your decaying teeth against further cavities, dental fillings are inserted. This painless filling with fortify your teeth and keep food debris from building up in small holes and cracks.


When you have a missing tooth and need a replacement, an implant is used to fill the gap and keep your other teeth in place. Implants work to anchor your replacement teeth and give them strength to perform their daily jobs.


Invisalign offers an amazing way to straighten your teeth. If you need dental aligners but aren’t excited about shiny braces, Invisalign is for you. These clear aligners work to straighten your teeth without people ever noticing them in your mouth. They are easily removable and incredibly comfortable compared to traditional braces.

Mini dental implants

If full dentures aren’t an option for your situation, mini dental implants are the perfect choice. These mini dental implants provide great stability and allow you to chew and smile once again.

Teeth whitening

If you have discolored or decayed teeth, you may be embarrassed to smile. We’re here to reinvent your smile and bring back your pearly pride. With our whitening technology, your teeth will be shades whiter after just one visit.

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Tooth extractions

If you have a painful tooth and need to have it removed, we have the perfect tools for the job. Our dentists focus on tooth extraction that is as painless as possible to bring you maximum comfort and relief.

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