Trends in Orthodontics – Something for the Whole Family

As the tried and true way to ensure a perfectly straight smile, the orthodontic industry has expanded its offerings as it caters to a wider age range of patients. No longer considered a milestone for teens alone, orthodontic products are now being seen in Vero Beach on younger children and older adults, evidencing a trend toward heightened attention to better dental health. Orthodontics offers a way to prevent alignment issues before they arise, as is often the case with younger patients, while older patients are attracted by discreet orthodontic options that allow them to enjoy a straightened smile throughout their golden years.

When it comes to the dental health of family members in Vero Beach, checkups and cleanings are routine for cavity prevention and detecting oral issues before they become major problems. In certain circumstances, however, tooth or jaw problems can present cause for concern, but are usually quick to be addressed by proactive patients and dentists. The argument against orthodontics, according to skeptics, is one that focuses on orthodontics being strictly for cosmetic reasons. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, with insurance options expanding for orthodontic procedures that provide a wide range of healthy dental advantages.

Dentists often recommend that young children are evaluated for orthodontic treatment by the age of seven, when permanent teeth eruption allows for an accurate assessment of future dental alignment issues. These same children may face a common obstacle for many teens, braces, but orthodontic options such as clear braces and Invisalign aligners allow them to embrace their own sense of self-expression throughout their experience. In addition, enhanced dental insurance coverage also allows orthodontics to be considered in much the same way as other routine dental procedures, with resulting healthy oral hygiene acting as an important deterrent to a range of medical conditions.

Ultimately, the appeal and benefits of orthodontics are all positive: straightened teeth for easier brushing and flossing, improved self-confidence, as well as enhanced overall well being, and good dental / medical health. Currently, one of the most popular trends in Vero Beach orthodontics is Invisalign clear aligners, which straighten teeth in much the same way as traditional braces, but with the added convenience of easy daily removal. When considering orthodontic options, it seems that no matter whether a patient is six or 60, today’s orthodontic industry offers dental patients the opportunity for a happier and healthier lifetime of smiles.

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