The Straight Talk on Orthodontics

When comes to having a perfectly straight smile, the world of orthodontia offers many options for Vero Beach patients of almost every age. Within these dental options, comes an equally vast array of treatments that allow for a wide range of budget limitations. As such, in today’s society, there appears to be little standing in the way of achieving a beautiful and healthy smile that, when properly cared for, will last for many years.

Often considered a luxury industry, much like plastic surgery, orthodontics has been around for many years. However, it was traditionally only the children of dentists and well-to-do families that were seen with the original metallic braces in their mouths due to treatment and material costs. Luckily, today’s Vero Beach orthodontic options are more affordable, with many allowing for less treatment time, along with individualized payment plans that are sure to meet any budget.

Yet in spite of all the advances in the field of orthodontia, some insurance companies still consider orthodontics outside the scope of routine dental procedures covered by insurance policies – deeming it to be an elective option that isn’t a necessity for individual dental health. However, orthodontists and dentists tend not to agree, and assert that crooked teeth and imperfect bites allow food and bacteria to become trapped and inaccessible to proper brushing and flossing. The results can begin with gum disease, and later evolve into medical issues such as bacteria in the bloodstream, that can develop as an effect of the initial gum disease.

Skilled orthodontists are well aware of problems that begin in the mouth that can later have devastating effects on the rest of the body. This is one reason parents are encouraged to have young children screened early as a way to predict potential dental issues, and plan ahead with treatment options. Proactive parents not only assist their child’s dental issues, but also contribute to the overall well being of the child by preventing the possibility of diseases occurring as the result of dental neglect.

It seems the societal stigma of having a “metal mouth” or “tin grin” has all but disappeared with more people opting for updated orthodontic options including Invisalign clear teeth straightening. For Vero Beach dental patients who choose Invisalign, many agree the most important thing to remember is not any discomfort experienced now, but rather, the dental benefits and increased self-confidence that will last a lifetime.

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